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Every Photography Package Includes:

  • Consultation
  • Day-of Photography Schedule
  • Sneak Peeks within 48-hours
  • Full Gallery within 4-weeks


Frequently asked

Do You Edit The Images? 

Yes – we personally hand edit each image for you

When Do You Deliver The Images? 

If you like, We can normally deliver a sneak peek within a couple of days of your wedding so that you can share some of the highlights with your friends and family.

We normally deliver the rest of the images between 2 and 4 weeks after your big day via a gallery on our website for download for 60 days and usb thumb drive.

Do You Have Your Own Studio? 

As wedding photographers we don’t need a studio as our business takes me out and about to lots of wonderful venues and locations 

Do You Meet Before Booking? 

It really comes down to what you would like! I really enjoy discussing your plans and how we can make beautiful photos for you either before you book or afterwards. If you are based nearby, we can talk things through over a coffee or a drink. If you are further away, then a facetime or skype chat might be a better idea for you.

Can We Discuss The Photos Before The Wedding? 

Yes, We enjoy meeting Our clients ahead of their wedding. Talking through the big day, working out timings and developing your plans is always a delight and time well spent ahead of your wedding. If you prefer to do this face to face or over the phone/through skype or via emails etc, then that is also great

Who Owns The Photos? 

We retain the copyright of the images we make and license you to print and share them with friends, family and guests – you are just not allowed to use them for commercial gain without prior arrangement with us!


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